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Im Weidenbruch 214
51061 Köln

The Willy-Brandt-Gesamtschule is very well equipped with media. In the learning center students research substantive issues with the new media. Similarly, there is this possibility in the I-Pad classes.

The school is known beyond Cologne limit for their emphasis on social learning, creativity and movement and their pioneer projects carried out. Especially popular is the circus Radelito that exists for more than 20 years. There, the students can train every break. Every Thursday the 3 hour Circus AG takes place. A dedicated student company Radelito GmbH takes care of all the things around the colourful bustle Circus.

More than 100 pupils of the Willy-Brandt-Gesamtschule are active in the circus. The students come from all vintages of the school. The circus is the only place in the school where pupils of all years work together regularly. Each year, the circus has approximately 50 public performances, from the premiere to presentations in the own kindergarten and street festivals up to events of the professional theatre place Circus Roncalli.

The Willy-Brandt-Gesamtschule currently run several classes with refugee children and youth, we are therefore engaged in developing concepts for better integration of refugee children.

Since 2005 the project “SOMOS -We are!” is running. This award-winning project offers students of the Willy-Brandt-Gesamtschule and young people from Cologne's sister city Corinto in Nicaragua the opportunity to get to know each other in the framework of an exchange program and to work together in the area of the Circus. The school promotes community involvement and understanding of the world through a “Sponsored Walk”, school partnerships and the "Somos Project" with Corinto / Nicaragua.