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Mladost 4, building 425, entr. 3, ap. 53
Sofia 1715
+359 889 306134
+359 2 4342244

FDCBPCS has already years of experience in areas of culture development, which are relevant for the project. Since 2006 we have implemented a number of different initiatives - under national and EU programmes.

Among the finalized projects of FDCBPCS are:

  • a particularly relevant project under the national OP HRD „Innovative approaches for identifying and responding to vocational education and training needs of disadvantaged youth” implemented in partnership with Institut equalita, as well as number of local associates from Cologne – IN VIA, TAS and others -
  • an LLP, Grundtvig Learning Partnership project "Fostering cultural heritage for bridging intergenerational dialogue - FOCAL" in partnership with eMUNDUS (Lithuania) and Edumotiva (Greece) –
  • the very relevant "Strengthen Creative Cooperation" project, supported under the EuropeAid program and involving partner organizations from Bulgaria, Slovenia, Austria, Germany and Denmark, together with partnering groups from the South - - led by the City of Cologne, Institut equalita and Büro für Kultur- und Medienprojekte gGmbH
  • an LLP, Grundtvig Learning Partnership project “Cultural and peer-learning approaches to integrate socio-economically disadvantaged youth and young adults with an immigrant background, together with partners Austria, Germany, Denmark, Slovakia and Slovenia -

Currently FDCBPCS is implementing two Erasmus+ KA2 projects: “V.I.S.I.ON: Visual Impairment Social Inclusion ON”, supported by the BG NA Human Resource Development Agency: and "Learning families", supported by the UK NA. Additionally, FDCBPCS is a partner under the "Not only fair play" project, promoting approaches for balancing sports and studies among European schools.

FDCBPCS implemented also an Erasmus+ KA2 project, which was recognized as a success story by the BG NA and the European Commission: “V.I.S.I.ON: Visual Impairment Social Inclusion ON” - The drama work with visually impaired children and young people is about to continue within the framework of a new project under the Operation programme “Human resources development”.

Among the other project implemented by FDCBPCS is the "Learning families" Erasmus+, supported by the UK NA, the "Not only fair play" Erasmus+, supported by the EC through a centralized action and currently – the “Pathway through religions” Erasmus+ project.

FDCBPCS is also involved in a number of local development initiatives, among which the functioning and strategy implementation of Rakovski Local Action Group in Bulgaria.