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Profesionalna gimnazia Asen Zlatarov

South Industrial Zone
3700 Vidin

Profesionalna gimnazia (Vocational school) “Prof. Dr Asen Zlatarov” is the biggest high-school in the district of Vidin. Annually the school trains on average about 650 students in the field of economy, tourism and electronics. There are about 50 teachers and 16 administrative staff members. In addition to the vocational preparation of the students they also acquire secondary education.

The high-school actively works under various projects, which aim at improving the quality and results from teaching, increasing the vocational skills of students and teachers, acquisition of key competences, creating a modern and adequate learning environment.

Each year between 20 and 40 students conduct their production practices in various partner organizations in the EU, while about 30 youths and teachers work on diversified topics with colleagues and peers from more than 10 European countries. During the last year the school worked under 7 projects, supported by the OP Human resources development and the Lifelong Learning Programme.

In addition to the issues of vocational education, the school teams also tackle extra-curricular activities, arts, dances, healthy eating, sports and others. The teachers are constantly facing the issue of finding new forms and methods for education and upbringing of the children.

Within the Comenius programme the school worked under two projects, which are connected with culture and arts – “I would like to tell you a story” and „Entrepreneurial, healthy and creative”.

The last project ended in the summer of 2014 and presented the benefits from healthy eating through a unique fairytale. The present application will be joined by teachers, who have experience with the above mentioned initiatives.

Concerning the administrative, technical and financial capacity of the school we have to mention that the school annually manages projects at a value of more than 100 000 euro.