Topic outline

  • Here you can work through a course on cultural peer learning in five modules and learn how important our CULPEER approach is, especially in school and extracurricular youth education for the integration of young people who have fled or who belong to minorities in the country.

    The various modules have been developed by many colleagues in Europe and have been critically tested by teachers and pedagogues in youth work and have strengthened the motivation of these colleagues to use CULPEER in their own school or youth centre.

    You can also get a certificate for this course. For this you have to register for the course and work through modules 1 - 4 and answer the test questions at the end of each module.

    You can register here. Once you have confirmed your e-mail address, you can log in using your login name and password on the login page. You can then navigate to the start page (left side of the screen), where you can select the course in your language.

    The certificate can be downloaded in module 4 after all tests have been passed. To do this, click on the activity Certificate at the end of the module.

    We wish you many interesting and stimulating insights and look forward to your feedback.