A simple basic self-assessment concerning the mastery of the cultural awareness and expression competence, according to which situation 1 is the lowest level and situation 5 – the highest:

1) I like it when other people express themselves, or are taking part in cultural activities (music, writing, acting, playing, design etc.).

2) I know which cultural activities I would like to attend and which not. I have an opinion on such matters.

3) I myself like to engage in cultural and expressive activities. I take part actively.

4) I am good at cultural expressive activities. People ask me to do them for them, or with them. They think I am good at them.

5) I am not just engaging in cultural expressive situations or activities; I actually set up such situations and develop activities of this kind. In doing so I am creative, and others like to join me and be directed by me.

Self-assessment options: http://vintage.euproject.org/go.cfm?PageId=6260

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