Whereas students often lose interest during lecture-style teaching, interactive teaching styles promote an atmosphere of attention and participation. Make it interesting. Make it exciting. Make it fun. As you well know, telling is not teaching and listening is not learning.

The ARMA International Center for Education offers the following guidelines to express the focus of interactive educational teaching styles:

  • Encourage student participation.
  • Use questions that stimulate response, discussion, and a hands-on experience.
  • Use teaching aids that press for answers, and capture/hold the student’s attention.
  • Set up a workgroup environment.
  • Involve yourself as well as the student.

A key to reach a successful interactive didactic could be found in the "4 C" described in this Tedx video by Joe Ruhl: (1) Collaboration, (2) Communication, (3) Critical thinking, (4) Creativity.



Last modified: Thursday, 5 July 2018, 3:30 PM