An Erasmus+ project, called “Enterprising and surprising through 8 key comeptences:

This initiative, which relies on games and learning relationship, allows the participants to learn new things, thus improving their basic skills / competences. It can very easily turn into a peer learning activity with the help of the detailed facilitator/trainer tips, which are included in a detailed manual.

Quote from the project web-site: “The project ‘Enterprising and surprising through the 8 key competences’ has developed a set of tools that will make it easy to understand 8 key competences and provide a good space for learning.  It is an interactive game, which include various elements of NFE – simulations, discussions, individual, group work, etc. and by using them participants will be improving knowledge, skills and attitudes in the different fields and levels. Games can be adapted to several levels of complexity of tasks which will be suitable for young people aged 13+. An important element of the game is evaluation, through which young people themselves will analyze and reflect which competences through game tasks/exercises they developed, why these competences are important and how they are connected with personal and professional life. Particular attention in the game is given to the Initiative and entrepreneurial competence, to encourage young peoples’ entrepreneurship spirit in order to develop attitude that is requested in today’s labor market. Often it is the right attitude that makes the difference between failure and success in entrepreneurship.”

The manual for the games can be discovered here:

The game files can be discovered here:

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